Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom being measured into a yellow tea mug on the patio in the Borneo jungle.

Home brew: The Elixily Kratom Tea Recipe


Kratom tea is an easy way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of kratom. It’s also a great way to get started with kratom if you’re not sure how much to take or how it will affect you. Kratom tea is made by heating water and adding powdered kratom leaves or extract along with either citric acid powder or lemon juice into the hot water. After simmering the mixture for 20 minutes then you can then strain out the kratom powder using cheesecloth before drinking. This will both help remove any residue left over from drying and make sure that none of the powder gets in your mouth while drinking. If you would like more information on kratom you can read more about it here, and if you want to know more about the safety and the effectiveness of taking kratom for pain here is a study about just that very thing. We also sell premium organic green kratom which has the most balanced effects of the three strains of tea we offer. You can order it here if brewing your own pain relieving kratom tea at home interests you.

Light filtering through a Red Vein Kratom leaf in the jungle of Borneo

In a pot, heat water and add the desired amount of kratom

In a pot, heat water to 195° or to just below boiling if you don’t have a thermometer and then add the desired amount of kratom. Using 1 teaspoon of kratom per cup of water is suggested as a starting point, but this can be increased to 1 tablespoon if desired. Adding citric acid powder or lemon juice, and simmering for at least 30 minutes will maximize potency. Then strain out any large pieces that remain before drinking.

Add ins (optional for taste and potency)

  • Tea of choice. If you do not have a favorite tea, you can use whatever you like, but our suggestion is to try green tea or white tea (with cream and sugar).
  • Sweetener. Sugar and honey are both great choices for sweetening your tea.
  • Citric acid powder or lemon juice for maximum potency and flavor!
Freshly ground organic red vein kratom ready to be brewed into tea

Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

The recommended simmer time for kratom tea is somewhere between 20-30 minutes. Make sure to stir the mixture every few minutes to ensure that the leaves don’t burn and that they are evenly distributed throughout the water, as this will help get more of their active ingredients into your drink. If you simmer it too long, you run the risk of making your tea bitter; if you don’t simmer it long enough, it may not be as effective.

Remove tea bag and strain kratom tea into cups.

Now that the tea has steeped, you can remove the tea bag if you added any for flavor. If you’re using a coffee filter, simply lift it out of your mug and discard it. If you’re using a paper towel or cheesecloth (a method known as “scrunching”), gently squeeze out any remaining liquid before discarding it.

Now strain every last drop of kratom-infused liquid into each cup and enjoy!


Now that you know our recipe on how to make kratom tea, it’s time to have some fun! This recipe is one of my favorites because it’s quick and easy, but there are many options out there if you want something different. You can also experiment with adding different types of tea to your kratom; black or green tea might give you a different flavor than oolong or pu-erh. Be creative and enjoy yourself! There are also certain herbs that can increase the potency of your kratom tea so be sure to check out our article on potentiating kratom tea

Ground Kratom powder for making pain relieving tea at home

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