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  • Gold Vein Bali kratom powderA chart that shows the effects of our Gold Vein Bali botanicals

    Bali Gold Vein | Mitragyna Speciosa


    Bali Gold Vein Kratom is a very popular strain of kratom. It has a very smooth and mellow effect, and is therefore good for beginners as well as people who want to use kratom on a daily basis. If you would like to learn more about kratom click here Bali Gold Vein Kratom comes from…

  • Freshly ground Green Maeng Da Kratom leaf in a glass container ready to be measured out and brewed at home.Freshly ground organic red vein kratom ready to be brewed into tea

    Botanical Sampler Pack | Mitragyna Speciosa


    This sample pack is perfect for those who are new to kratom. It includes our three most popular botanical strains, and has our favorite kratom tea recipe for you to try! The Mitragyna speciosa in this pack are definitely our best sellers, and they are all 100% organic! You will get one ounce of each…

  • Freshly brewed Fijian Noble Root Kava in a coconut shell next to a wooden ladle with ground kava root.High quality organic Fijian Kava on a wooden measuring spoon

    Fijian Noble Root Kava (50/50) | Piper Methysticum | 1/2 KG


    Our Noble Root Kava (50/50) is a premium strain of kava that’s just right for relaxing after a long day, or for sharing with friends and family. Kava has been consumed as a beverage in the South Pacific islands for generations. It promotes relaxation, and is also a social lubricant. So its perfect to drink…

  • A fresh warm mug of ceremonial grade Guatemalan cacaoFreshly brewed cup of organic Guatemalan cacao

    Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao


    Introducing our ceremonial grade cacao blend sourced from the lush forests of Guatemala. This premium blend is made from the finest organic ingredients, including rich cacao, fragrant vanilla bean, pure cane sugar, and a touch of spicy cayenne. Our sustainably sourced cacao is hand-picked by local farmers, ensuring the highest quality and purity. The vanilla…

  • Finely Ground Red Horn Maeng Da Kratom on a table being measured to brew into a cup of pain relieving tea.A chart that describes the effects of our red vein maeng da botanicals

    Red Vein Maeng Da | Mitragyna Speciosa


    Red Vein Maeng Da is our most relaxing strain of Mitragyna Speciosa, and it also provides a maximum level of pain relief out of all of our botanical products. Be sure to try our favorite recipe Mitragyna Speciosa is an herbal leaf from a tree of the Rubiaceae family, a tropical evergreen tree in the…

  • Premium White Maeng Da Kratom for sale at a apothecary shop in Borneo.A scale that shows the areas of relief for our white vein botanicals.

    White Vein Maeng Da | Mitragyna Speciosa


    White Vein Maeng Da is our most energizing strain of Mitragyna Speciosa. What it lacks in pain relief it more than makes up for with tons of feel good energy without the need for any caffeine. Be sure to try our favorite recipe Mitragyna Speciosa is an herbal leaf from a tree of the Rubiaceae…